General Questions

Reach out to us with your date and location and we will let you know our availability. We will then send you a contract outlining all the specific details and dates. We require a 50% deposit due at your time of booking. Full payment is due 1 week before your big event.

If for any reason you need to cancel, the deposit is non-refundable but we are happy to give you a credit towards a Brew Barrel rental in the future!

No, our packages are all DIY wedding packages making our trailers a great fit for a variety of venues. This allows event staff or family and friends to truly curate the Brew Barrels to their desired vision and experience. Contact us for bartender recommendations depending on your location!

Since we are a family run small business, we can be flexible with drop off and pick up times that work for you. The trailer will most likely be at your event the morning of and be picked up the morning after. Feel free to reach out with any specific requests!

Please shut the serving windows, empty out all the kegs (for Florence), wipe down the countertops and remove all garbage! That’s it!

Of course! The trailers are yours to make unique and bring your vision to life. Please refrain from attaching permanent fixtures to the sides of the trailers.

FAQ for Olive and Oliver

The camper trailers come with a fridge, freezer, 2 bar stools, chalkboard sign, 50ft extension cord and fan for inside.

Freezers are 19w x 14d x 25h inches - Olive’s fridge has a glass door and is 24w x 24d x 54h inches - Oliver has 3 mini fridges with glass doors measuring 13w x 13d x 24h inches

You need to supply your own cups, alcohol, ice, extension cord if your parking more than 50ft from your power source and chalk for the board.

Yes they do! We recommend plugging them into a normal 15v outlet, not a GFCI, no further than 100 feet away. If you are using a generator use one that is at least 3500 watt.

Olive is 15ft length x 7ft width x 8.5 ft height. Olive has 6.5ft standing room inside. - Oliver is 16ft length x 7ft 7inch width x 7ft 10inch tall. Oliver has a 6ft tall standing room inside.

FAQ for the Piaggio Truck

Florence the Piaggio Truck comes with a chalkboard sign, extension cord (50ft) 1 tap that is set up for a beer keg, 1 tap that is configured for wine kegs (DIY Corny Keg) and 1 tap that can either be beer or wine (can be configured one way or the other), as well as 2 taps out the back that work as gravity fed liquid dispensers, best for water, juice or punch.

She does drive but unfortunately once we have her parked we will install blocks on her wheels and she will not be available for rides but open to photo ops!

You will need to supply your own alcohol/drinks, chalk, cups and ice. You will need ice to put into the keg system and cool the drinks as they flow through the keg.

Florence is 9 feet long, 4.1 feet wide and 6 feet tall. She can usually fit through a double door if needed!

Believe it or not, kegged wine in Ontario is VERY hard to come by compared to our neighbouring provinces. We supply you with four corny kegs (meaning DIY kegs), where your bartenders will pour your wine from the bottle, into the kegs before hooking them up to the truck. The corny kegs fit about 25 bottles of wine. If you find kegged wine, let us know where!

If you would like the lights to light up you will require power. If it is a day event the kegs will run without power.

It is really quite easy and we are here to help the process go smooth! Upon drop off, the person meeting us will be given a run down tutorial of the keg system and how to make your own wine kegs if they are wanted. There will also be QR codes on the trailer to scan that will give step by step instructions for anyone supervising the tap truck.